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    Mae Sot, Thailand

  • Our team at DSIL is intentional about practicing what we teach daily- it is here that we truly learn. As a social enterprise, we always have our eye on the bigger picture for positive impact, and we value the diverse opportunities that arise at the intersections of many sectors working together.

  • Katy Grennier


    Katy is the thought leader and CEO at DSIL outside of being an expert practitioner of design thinking with 12 years in the field leading dozens of cross-cultural teams. She has dedicated herself to cultivating wisdom by always saying yes to a myriad of learnings experiences and complex projects. Her career has been defined by leadership positions that range from transforming organizational cultures to coaching high-level leaders, entrepreneurs, teams, and organizations dedicated to challenging the status quo and building innovation that matters. At heart, Katy is a playfully serious educator and her own pedagogy has built a following; one that relies on everyone in the room to get honest about the current conditions and then tackle complexity from there. She is a driver for the culture at DSIL and lives what she teaches.. Discover more here.

  • Art Sherwood

    Art imagines a world where everyone is empowered to make change happen through discovering, designing and doing. His most powerful place of flow is partnering as a facilitator, coach and advisor when an individual, team, organization and/or community finds themselves at a critical crossroads. This crossroads appears when discovering who they are, designing envisioned futures/paths and then taking action to make it all a reality are important. He calls on the dynamic concepts and tools of strategy, design thinking, business and venture modelling (lean start-up and scaling), evidence-based innovation and entrepreneurship, action research, liberating structures, creative problem solving, cooperation and self-leadership to facilitate and support emerging and existing changemakers, leaders, teams and organizations.

    As a DSIL team member, Art is the Chief Development Officer focusing on North America, working with clients in the US, Canada and globally seeking to support their immediate needs and overall capacity building.

  • Lili Camacho

    Creative Consultant

    Lili Camacho believes in possibility. Lili envisions a world where everyone’s basic needs are met so they are free to make choices that allow them to live into their full potential. As an economist and environmentalist, her work looks towards improving challenges in communities on a local and global level using design thinking methods that put culture first. Lili has applied her many abilities to projects that affect the society-nature divide. Lili published a book chapter for ASEAN policymakers dedicated to engaging diverse viewpoints on the consequences of hydro dam development in Thailand and Myanmar. Lili has also worked with the international development sector in many ways from M&E to value chain systems; most exciting for her was designing programming for climate change resiliency with communities that allow people to see future possibilities, therefore encouraging stronger agency in their choices today. When Lili isn’t uncovering the lessons that many cultures can teach us, you will find her lifting heavy things at a CrossFit gym or building her own in remote locations she

    travels to with DSIL. Discover more here

  • Gareth Durrant


    Gareth is an expert at driving successful projects that merge private sector innovation, human-centered design, and progressive facilitation. His focus is on leveraging public health strengths such as monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, coalition building & partnerships across corporate, government and international development sectors. Gareth enjoys presenting ideas that challenge internal organizational cultures with humor and authenticity to deliver consciousness raising, growth, and change.

    Gareth enjoys presenting ideas that challenge internal organizational cultures with humor and authenticity to deliver consciousness raising, growth, and change. Discover more here

  • Courtney Savie Lawrence

    Courtney is a catalyst and the reason that things begin at all. That was exactly what happened for the DSIL Course that has now brought well over 100 people from 50 different countries together to explore d.thinking and social innovation! Her career started long before that and has kept her moving around the corners of the world which is easily seen in the rich experience she brings to every project. As an expert in the field of design and innovation her focus is in leveraging business innovation and virtual technology. "How might we co-create more resilient and sophisticated impact systems to tackle critical problems?" is a driving question for her. Equally important is connecting people and cross pollinating ideas-especially to map ecosystems and intervention opportunities that serve the world. You can find her planning epic Sunday afternoons or on a Zoom call learning from the stories that people share with her. Discover more here.

  • Hima Tk

    Hima is a business strategist who is enthusiastic about working on difficult problems and designing solutions that make an impact. She believes in the power of data and taking an analytical approach in developing business/go-to market strategy, business models and tools to measure the impact. She has worked as a software engineer, technology consultant and management consultant across Asia, North America and Australia for social enterprises and for-profit clients alike. She also volunteered for Grow Movement, helping out SMEs in rural Africa to develop sustainable businesses. She studied global entrepreneurship at MIT in Boston and is now a mentor at the MIT Launch Program for High School Students conceptualizing their startups. She is passionate about diversity across all fields and making education accessible to all. She is currently building her startup, InquiBox, whose mission is to give the gift of future-ready education for every child and teach skills that machines can’t replace.

  • Stephen Silvera


    Stephen is an experienced Executive Coach with the mission of co-creating success with emerging leaders and organizations. After graduating from UC Berkeley as an engineer, Stephen spent time working and leading at some of the world's largest and most innovative technology companies. Those fast-paced, high-performance environments gave Stephen the skills and experience to handle anything. He later founded Consult to Thrive (C2T) and continues to serve his clients in new and exciting ways through exploration and collaboration. He is a certified Executive coach with Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Volunteering and participating in the community have always been key components of Stephen's life and he continuously looks for new ways to contribute his skills in meaningful ways.

  • Kelsey Lotus Wong

    Kelsey Lotus Wong is a creative visionary, and soulpreneur, as she would call it, passionately curious about transformation. Kelsey works with people and organizations as they undergo a journey of evolution and discovery. Together, unlocking their unique gifts, developing their voice, and unleashing magnetic brands that attract the right opportunities at the right time. To date, Kelsey has worked with well-known consulting and co-working brands to increase customer reach and business revenue by 400%. After spending seven years building conscious companies and communities across the U.S., Kelsey answered her call to adventure, immersing herself in the cultural vibrancy of Southeast Asia. When Kelsey isn’t diving into meaningful work she’s writing, creating, or floating in the sea. Discover more here.

  • Sarah Jane Atkinson

    Sarah is an innovation strategist with a background in Urbanism and Development. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and progressive learning practices underpin her 12 years of professional experience and research. During her MSc in Urban Design for Development at the Bartlett - University College London she dove into the world of socio-spatial strategies for more equitable city-making. Sarah has led innovation processes with the UN, INGOs and local networks around the world to leverage technology and design including re-designing housing and digital health services. She gets excited about facilitating multi-disciplinary processes for changing the status quo - applying participatory methodologies, user-centered design and coaching tactics as part of an approach informed by her background in human rights advocacy and leadership development.​Find out more here.

  • Siobhan McCann

    Siobhán believes that one voice can change the world. She specializes in leadership development guiding leaders and visionaries to level up their skills as agents of innovation in the most practical ways. As a world traveler and relentless truth-seeker, she is known as a provocateur who calls forth the creative ingenuity of individuals and embraces human-centered design to challenge compromises in larger groups. Her time with Mckinsey and Berkeley Coaching Institute are just some of the places where she became an expert at coaching, designing integrated education, and consulting projects across industries in North America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia. In 2016 she co-founded Midderigh Vox to provide advanced leadership development in authentic presence and expression through storytelling, the oldest and most powerful tool of influence to enable profound human connection that fuels change. Discover more here…



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