• Design Thinking process

    Leveraging diverse teams is the path to innovation and better results for products + happier people.

    We use Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design to guide innovation and add depth to thinking and take your teams to the next level.

    We are intersecting with diverse people more than ever. The way we communicate is ready for a refresh.

    We use Liberating Structures to unlock latent potential in every team, and give you tools to make them a part of your everyday practice.

  • Co-creation leads to solving challenges quicker, inspiring people to engage more in their work and life, and enhances an organization's ability to thrive.



    We know time is a resource and learning needs to be relevant to stick. We build your team's capacity using the company's real-life challenges as the classroom...

  • What We Do

    Customized Design Thinking Workshops + Innovation Training

    for organizations looking to practice the skills needed to innovate with their challenges as the classroom.

    Action Research Using HCD + Design Thinking

    for organizations wanting to understand challenges from different lenses and then create new solutions with many minds.

    Action-Oriented Facilitation

    for organizations and networks running more interactive conferences, retreats, and strategy meetings.

    Customized Coaching

    for organizations who are ready to the EQ while improving skills of innovation and leadership development.

    Strategic Design

    for organizations looking ready to change their DNA. Strategic design redefines how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions.

    for organizations looking for executive training for their top talent. Leaders will gain emotional intelligence and skills in innovation techniques.

  • 5 Modules. 7 Learning Styles. 100's of voices


    "We believe in making learning accessible to every person and company across the globe. Our hope is to bring buzzwords down to earth where we can practice what they mean for each context and culture."

    -Katy Grennier

    The DSIL Curriculum pulls from hundreds of minds! 

    We have modules in Cultures of Co-Creation, Conscious Leadership, Entrepreneurial Mindsets, Innovation & Design Thinking! More coming soon!

  • We are trusted globally by leading organizations around the globe.

  • Bring your ideas + needs to us!

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