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    Sisaket, Thailand

  • DSIL works across sectors. All of the organizations we work with are ready to do things differently.

    Corporate Innovation + Leadership

    Businesses ready to create shifts in mindsets on all levels of the organization starting at the top and trickling down to empower high pre-forming, happy and creative teams.

    International Development

    Impact makers ready to include more voices in solving complex challenges by keeping the community voice at the center of the challenge and forming the solution.

    Higher Education

    Educators ready to change the way we learn.

    Cross-Sector Partnerships

    For sectors ready to radically collaborate and create new solutions implemented together.

  • See Our Work in Action

    Action Research Using HCD + Design Thinking

    North, Central & Southern Thailand


    The DSIL Team is building capacity in human-centered design with youth! Working with UNICEF on a 6-month project, we are inviting hundreds of diverse youth voices from 3 areas of the country in the process of learning human-centered design so that they may unlock insights and opinions about the current gaps in understanding safe and healthy sex practices. From there, the process will lead the youth to build 3D prototypes for the solutions they identified, for both digital and non-digital ways to increase their safety and health. This project is pulling in organizations, governments and the private sector to contribute to systems level thinking. Together, we find new ways to support the health and happiness of Thai youth holding their opinions at the center.

    Action Research Using HCD + Design Thinking

    Sisaket, Thailand


    DSIL designed and implemented the International Development Design Summit in 2017, the first ever to be hosted in Asia. The summit brought over 25 participants together with the local community to bring 6 ideas to prototype phase. The two-week event catalyzed an inclusive & sustainable approach to development in Southeast Asia. New solutions to challenges in farming, fair trade products, and local health were identified and tested. The summit underwent an extensive M&E process. Check out what we learned together with MIT D-Lab, Raitong Organics, USAID and many more.






    Customized Workshops + Training


    Bangkok, Thailand


    Red Cross Geneva needed a skills boost at their annual global meeting and identified creative capacity development as a great way to go forward! DSIL was brought in to run a design thinking training for communications and marketing teams. The DSIL team designed and facilitated a workshop using real-time challenges the team identified prior to the session. Teams practiced how to spot new opportunities for effective marketing initiatives by truly listening to how users responded to the organization's work. From there, they built strategies to test new ideas quickly in the months to come.

    Customized Coaching


    for 52 + countries


    The DSIL Berkeley-certified coaches work with leaders and teams who are ready to make a commitment to up-skill in their innovation techniques. From design thinking to LEAN methods to agile strategy, each client brings their unique needs for building a path forward to reach their goals. DSIL couples skills coaching with an element of personal growth; our mantra, people before process and process before product, ensures solid results for our clients on a holistic level. DSIL has coached over 70+ leaders from a diversity of backgrounds, in their personal growth and the development of the concepts, products, start-ups and programs they sought to drive forward.

    Liberating, Action-Oriented Facilitation

    Montreal, Canada


    Open Society Foundation called in DSIL to facilitate a strategy meeting with their global group of grantees who work in communities with people who use drugs. The goal was to design programming that includes the marginalized population into planning and designing of those programs. Starting with lessons learned and moving into what futures could look like, DSIL guided this group in exploring diverse opinions, engaging in activities that helped them think through progressive alternatives and realize different solutions needed for each geographic location, while fostering the vision of Open Society.

    Liberating, Action-Oriented Facilitation

    A Global Gathering in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Asia Catalyst fights for human rights in access to health around the world. Their global Team Leaders came together to think about past successes and identify areas to pivot in the face of a changing political and financial climate. DSIL guided the group through 3 days of co-creation, introducing new tools for reflection and innovation that Leaders could adopt on their teams. Always thinking on a systems level, DSIL ensured the new strategy was intrinsically agile and flexible. Asia Catalyst Team Leaders who wanted to work on their personal development were supported by one-on-one Coaching during the retreat.

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