• Creativity is about the wisdom that emerges when we think together.


    Creativity is experimenting using the resources you already have.


    Creativity can lead to new frontiers or, to familiar roads where small

    changes can be significant-reshaping the way things work.


  • We are an agile company using the tools of today and when new tools emerge, we are excited to expand to learn those as well. Here are our current practices!

    Design thinking our way forward, together. We use d.thinking and HCD to guide innovation and add depth to thinking.

    Social Technology is as important as tech innovation. The way we do things is ready for a refresh.

    We use Liberating Structures to unlock potential latent in every team, and give you tools to make them apart of your everyday practice.

  • How do we build people for innovation?

    Get ready, our team is addicted to experiential learning!

    Workshops, Training, and Retreats that do things differently and get things done.

    for teams looking to practice the skills needed to innovate.

    Action Research Using HCD + Design Thinking

    for organizations wanted to understand challenges from the root.

    Liberating, Action-Oriented Facilitation

    for organizations and networks running more meaningful conferences and strategy meetings.

    Customized Coaching

    for individuals who are ready to uncover what skills they need to strengthen to lead in innovation.

    for busy, high-impact leaders committed to being seriously challenged.

    for individuals, teams, and companies who are ready to learn what futures are already here. It's open and free. Dive in.


    We are humbled to work around the world with teams in organizations ready to build forward.

  • What can we help you build?